Diversified Adjusting Technique

The most frequent adjustment style is known as “Diversified”.  In order to determine how an area will be treated, an exam is performed.  The exam focuses on movement or lack of movement in spinal joints.  Once the problem area is identified, a specific manual thrust is applied to the spine.  This may produce a “pop” sound similar to when someone crack their knuckles.  This sound is actually the release of gas pressure that can build up within the joint.  Patients generally feel a sense of relief after this occurs.

Myofascial Release

This is a hands on technique used to improve muscular function.  It involves applying gentle pressure to the connective tissue restrictions in order to relax contracted muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.  Connective tissue restrictions can develop as a result of trauma, such as a fall, car accident or whiplash.  They can also occur from repetitive stressor to the body from poor posture or excessive computer work.  Over time, patients will see an increase in the ease and fluidity of movement.


Kinesio-tape involves the use of an elastic tape applied to the skin over an injured area for the purpose of treating pain.  You may have seen this worn by many athletes during the summer Olympics.  The tape lifts the skin creating a space below it and increasing the blood flow and movement of lymphatic fluids.  This results in less pressure on the body’s pain receptors and stimulates mechano-receptors leading to improved joint proprioception.

Rehabillitation and Stretching

We utilize a variety of effective devices in the offic to facilitate injury recovery.  Balance balls, elastic tubing and bands, hand weights, and wobble boards are just a few of the tools used to assist in the healing process .  Patients are given home instruction on lifting techniques and stetching and will be guided on proper exercise form when they are ready to head bak to the gym.


Customized foot orthotics are an essential component to chiropractic care.  The foot creates the base from which all other movement is initiated.  Fallen arches can result in foot and ankle pain and eventually create back pain.  Proper foot stability will help with maintaining a healthy spine.